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127 Campaign | 1 Person, 2 Reasons, 7 Impacts

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Country Programs

Visiting Orphans currently partners with ministries in 12 countries around the world. We want to continue to invest in our current partnerships while also creating new opportunities with other trustworthy organizations in these countries.

Discipleship Materials

So we can better prepare our teams spiritually, we want to create brand new team member discipleship training curriculum and videos that are tailored to the mission experience such as pre-trip preparation, in-country devotionals, and post-trip processing.

Web Portal

Visiting Orphans would like to create our own interactive web portal designed exclusively for team members and leaders. This new portal will help assist and organize our short-term trips for a more streamlined process all within the current visitingorphans.org website.

Adoptive Family Resources

We love to see families grow through the miracle of adoption. We also recognize that the process can be very difficult. We want to develop supportive resources and create grant organization partnerships to offer financial help to past team members who are adopting.

Healing Conferences

Through partnerships with counseling ministries, advocates, and teachers, we want to come alongside foster and adoptive parents in their emotional and spiritual struggles while offering tangible support via conferences focused on healing and transformation.

New Country Programs

We are committed to reaching even more of God’s precious children and communities in more places around the world. That’s why we are currently developing two new country programs for 2015 and desire to explore more programs for 2016 and beyond.

adVOcate Logo
A recommendation from someone with firsthand experience who is passionate and committed to the mission is an invaluable tool for any ministry. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for in our brand new adVOcate Program. We want you to use your avenue for advocacy to spread the news about VO. That could be through concerts, social media, blogging, church groups, or whatever else you may have up your sleeve. We would love to have you join our adVOcate team!

Creation of VO adVOcate Program

127 Campaign – Week 7


Explorer Pledge Icon


$25 per month
Helps provide: Mosquito nets, malaria testing equipment, and treatment for families in Uganda; Nutritional meals to children in Rwanda; Van for ministry partner in Ecuador.

Gift: Acacia necklace

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Pioneer Pledge Icon


$50 per month
Helps us: Create our new adVOcate program to expand our mission reach; Create a new discipleship training curriculum to spiritually prepare our mission team members.

Gift: Visiting Orphans tee

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Voyager Pledge Icon


$150 per month
Helps provide: Strong support to sustain our current programs and create new ones; Development of our own interactive web portal exclusively for VO team members and leaders.

Gift: Go. Be. Love. necklace

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Trailblazer Pledge Icon


$500 per month
Helps us: Develop grant partnerships and adoption resources for past team members; Develop transformational healing conferences for foster and adoptive families.

Gift: VO leather cuff

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$1000 per month
Helps provide: Resources to build new and upgraded facilities, transition homes, and family homes around the world; New country programs for ministry expansion.

Gift: Leather passport holder

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Custom Donation

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Creation and Sustainability of New
and Current Country Programs​

Creation of a Team Member
Discipleship Training Curriculum

Development of Healing Conferences
for Adoptive Families

Development of Interactive
Web Portal

Development of Adoptive Family Resources
Research and Development of
New Country Programs
Creation of VO
adVOcate Program

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See what Visiting Orphans is all about, why we do what we do, and how you can “Go. Be. Love.”