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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we raising funds?
The 127 Campaign is our first ever big fundraiser for Visiting Orphans.

Visiting Orphans (VO) was established in 2005 and has been supported by an admin fee that is built into the trip cost of our trips ever since. That’s how we are able to partner with 43 ministries in 12 countries and send out over 40 teams throughout the year to come alongside and support these ministries. We’ve not received grants nor have we had major donors up to this point. We do raise some funds to operate the ministry through merchandise sales, and we have some wonderful monthly donors and get some general donations to VO as a ministry from time to time – all of which are a huge blessing. But most of our budget is funded by that trip admin fee. We will continue to be primarily funded in this way but the thing about relying solely on this is that it limits us from growing and expanding into the areas we feel like God is calling us to.

This campaign is all about raising funds for Visiting Orphans as a ministry so that we can bring those things to life. And ultimately make a bigger, more positive impact on the 2 in the 127 Campaign: those we partner with around the world and those we send!

Why these 7 impact areas?
We’ve chosen 7 areas of impact for this campaign – these are the things that we feel like God is calling us to for this next season. This campaign will support these 7 areas that are listed on the home page. 10% of all funds raised during this campaign will go to specific ministry needs for 7 of our partner ministries around the world.​
What are the 7 partner ministry needs the campaign will help?
10% of all funds raised from our 127 Campaign will go toward the following ministry needs for 7 of our ministry partners around the world.

1. Building a home for a family in need in El Salvador | Sus Hijos

2. Building a school in Haiti | Grace So Amazing

3. Nutrition for children in Rwanda | Imana Kids

4. Bathroom updates for the new children’s home in India | Impact India Ministries

5. A van for our ministry partners in Ecuador | Fundacion Contigo

6. Building project of a Hope+ transition home in Guatemala | Project Hopeful

7. Mosquito nets, malaria testing kits and treatment for families | Healing Faith Uganda

Can I feel comfortable giving to Visiting Orphans?
Absolutely! Visiting Orphans is a 501(c)3 public charity which seeks to operate under the highest standards of financial accountability and excellence. We are audited by an independent accounting firm each year, ECFA accredited and governed by a Board of Directors. All charitable donations to Visiting Orphans are tax-deductible within the United States.
Click here to download our 3-year Financial Accountability worksheet.